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Driving Laws and Regulations:
ITAC International Driver's License.
MUST be accompanied at all times by your original valid driver's license.
• You are not allowed to present International Driver License as the main document because it is only a translation of your original driver's license.

International Driver License is not a substitute of an official driver's license, as well as expired or revoked driver's license.

• If you hold a U.S. driver's license, you must use U.S. driver's license while driving in the U.S. territories.

• If you wish to use U.S. driver's license outside of the U.S. territories you may wish to contact  ITAC- for information on how to obtain International Driver Permit.

ONLINE (24hrs) ITAC-International Driver License 1-888-415-9993 


On September 19, 1949, the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic Established - The International Driving License  allow motorists to travel in USA & Foreign Countries. Language barriers create difficulties for both motorists and police. This document establishes the right for a person to drive in another country.

*****ITAC in (11) Languages Translation*****

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All you need is a valid domestic drivers license.
On September 19, 1949, the first Road Traffic Agreement was created and the United Nations established an ITAC International document to facilitate the travel of motorists in foreign countries where language barriers create difficulties for both, motorists and local officers.ITAC International document establishes the right for a person to drive in another country when accompanied by an original and valid driver’s license, translating your driving permit in 11 languages.
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